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Adoption Path

ASCETiC covers the full service lifecycle, from application design, development, deployment and operation. This is crucial to determine and optimize the energy usage of hardware and software.

ASCETiC Toolbox adoption for Cloud providers propagates from bottom to top of the Cloud stack. PaaS features rely on the IaaS layer capabilities and metrics, while SaaS tools require PaaS layer tools adoption.

ASCETiC Toolbox builds on top of state-of-the-art-tools. These include OpenStack VM Manager and Kwapi library for interfacing Energy Meters at the IaaS layer. Based on these, together with the ASCETiC IaaS layer tools, an IaaS Cloud provider can become an ASCETiC-enabled IaaS provider. Building on top of IaaS tools, providers can move upper in the Cloud stack by adopting increasingly PaaS and SaaS tools.

About ASCETiC Project

Why ASCETiC Toolbox?

  • * It provides tools to support software developers in monitoring the carbon footprint of their applications and in optimising the total energy efficiency of the software in Cloud environments.
  • * Its energy models, profiles/footprints of Cloud platforms and the real-time monitoring mechanisms make possible the creation of new pricing schemes to charge users based on their actual consumption, encouraging more efficient use of energy in Cloud resources.
  • * It supports organisations in addressing efforts to be more socially responsible corporate citizens, optimizing cost-cutting efforts at the same time.
  • * Its methods and tools to eco-efficiently manage the lifecycle of Cloud services consider transparency for the user in all decisions that affect final costs.
  • * It support providers in achieving their ambition of reducing costs in services provision and operation.
  • * It maintains interoperability with and use of existing widely used solutions as part of the entire service lifecycle.

Benefits of using the ASCETiC Toolbox

  • For Cloud providers
  • * Cut rising of energy costs.
  • * Increase revenue by lowering energy consumption.
  • For Cloud providers and users
  • * Improvement of corporate image incorporating sustainability in ther Corporate and Social Responsibility Plan.
  • * Adherence to current green legislations.