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Top Features

  • SaaS:
  • * Capture of energy monitoring goals and KPIs.
  • * Monitoring probes.
  • * Efficient energy data gathering, aggregation and visualization.
  • * Automated deployment of probes.
  • * Specify when the application must be executed.
  • * Static analysis of Java code.
  • * Knowledge management of good practices.
  • PaaS:
  • * Application deployment management.
  • * SLAs negotiation and management.
  • * Injection of energy measurement probes.
  • * Real-time application monitoring.
  • * Enable migration among providers.
  • IaaS:
  • * Deployment and operation of VMs.
  • * Pricing models.
  • * Real-time energy monitoring at VM level.
  • * SLA analysis and enforcement.
  • * OpenStack-based Cloud Infrastructure management.

Features Overview

SaaS layer

SaaS layer facilitates the modelling, design and construction of Cloud applications. The main goal of this layer is to provide means to a SaaS development team to measure energy consumption data elements.

IaaS layer

IaaS layer considers the admission, allocation and management of virtual resources. This layer is concentrated in providing virtual infrastructure management capabilities.

PaaS layer

PaaS layer provides midddleware functionality for a Cloud application and facilitates the energy-aware deployment and operation of the application as a whole.