ASCETiC Engineering Greener Clouds

Take advantage of the tools we provide for optimizing Energy Efficiency.

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ASCETiC Toolbox

Models for green and efficient software design, supporting sustainability and high QoS levels at all stages of software development

Framework with identified energy efficiency parameters and metrics for Cloud services

Methods for measuring, analysing and evaluating energy use complementing quality measures

Energy and quality efficiency integration leading to an Energy Efficiency Embedded Service Lifecycle

What We Offer

ASCETiC Toolbox has been developed to improve the Cloud services lifecycle

ASCETiC Toolbox can be used to reduce carbon footprint and optimise energy efficiency.

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Why Do You Need It?

ASCETiC Toolbox supports determining and optimizing the energy usage of hardware and software

ASCETiC covers the full service lifecycle, from application design and development, to deployment and operation.

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