SaaS layer

This layer is presented into two different webinars to show the ASCETiC Programming Model and the Software Design Tools.

In the ASCETiC SaaS layer a set of components interact to facilitate the modelling, design and construction of a Cloud application. The components aid in evaluating energy consumption of a Cloud application during its construction. A number of plug-ins are provided for a frontend IDE as a means for developers to interact with components within this layer. A number of packaging components are also made available to enable provider-agnostic deployment of the constructed cloud application, while also maintaining energy awareness.

The following capabilities are offered:

  • Capture of energy monitoring goals and KPI through a UML profile that can be used both for designing new Cloud applications or migrating existing ones to the Cloud.

  • Set of monitoring probes for generic application monitoring of Java, C# or OS specific binaries.

  • Efficient energy data gathering, aggregation and visualization at the SaaS level, including relating them to specified energy goals.

  • Automated deployment of probes on the energy aware ASCETiC Cloud stack and easy to deploy on Cloud environment supporting Chef or automatically when using the ASCETiC Programming Model.

  • Specify as a requirement in the ASCETiC Programming Model when the application must be executed with the objective of reducing energy consumption.

In addition, the SaaS layer also supports enhacement of code development by providing:

  • Static analysis of Java code focusing on energy efficiency.

  • Knowledge management of good practices in energy efficiency for Cloud applications, in relation with existing frameworks such as Cloud Patterns.

SaaS Programming Model

This webinar introduces the ASCETiC Programming Model and application runtime environment for energy use enhacement. It is built on top of PaaS, so it acts as a pre-requisite.

The ASCETiC Programming Model provides the service developers with a way to code services composed by pieces of source code, legacy applications executions and external web services. Although these complex services are written in a sequential fashion without APIs, the applications are instrumented so they call the Runtime to be executed in parallel.

SaaS Design Tools

This webinar presents Software Design tools for energy efficiency developed in ASCETiC. They are built on top of PaaS, so it acts as a pre-requisite.