Dissemination, Collaboration and Standardization (Year 1)

During this first year of the project, the activity has been concentrated on the generation of awareness about the project in order to establish interest for the first release of the ASCETiC Toolbox. For this reason, different strategies have been followed in the three main areas of the document and finally the impact has been measured in order to update the strategy and determined the plan for the next year.
Regarding dissemination, the main objective was to promote the project to a general audience, using different channels, via different publications and the participations in relevant events.
The next strategy outlined relates to collaboration, concentrated this year in identifying other related projects and establish the first contacts to continue working on the next year.
Finally, the last point applies to standardization where the intention was to identify not only the relevant standardization bodies but those standards to which ASCETiC can make a real contribution.